Loyalty program

A profitable loyalty program works for regular customers of the service. No special action is required to become a member, discount to products will accrue automatically after you place your first order.

The calculation of the amount of the discount is based on the number of orders you have made in the last 365 days inclusive (by the date of the order complete date). The discount is determined immediately before placing the order and is displayed in the cart of the online store.

Discount rates and conditions:

  • 2% discount - provided if for the last 365 days you have 1 completed order (2% for the 2nd order);
  • 5% discount - provided if for the last 365 days you have 4 completed orders (5% for the 5th order);
  • if for the last 365 days there is no one completed order in your account - all discounts are canceled.

Loyalty program discount applies to all products placed by any vendor on the platform, but does not apply to the shipping price.

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