Send flowers all over Ukraine

Just pick the appropriate item and place your order at the store. Delivery is carried out on a daily basis up to 1 hour. Order flowers with delivery to congratulate darling wth birthday, Angel's day, etc. No matter where you are - we qualitatively organize the order and delivery of a specified city in time.

TOP sales
Best seller of 2017
Kendal (product code: 11048)
The bouquet of 9 selected cream roses with decor
516.00 грн
Best seller of 2017
Ilona (product code: 14148)
The delicate bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums
761.00 грн
Aliya (product code: 13067)
15 delicate pink and white tulips in a nice bouquet
778.00 грн
New products
Top 24
Branda (product code: 14021)
The elegant mix of colorific spray roses and irises
734.00 грн
Bryonia (product code: 14163)
The wonderful mix of tulips, chrysanthemums,...
621.00 грн
Claudia (product code: 14072)
Blue irises and yellow tulips with floral decoration
1102.00 грн
Shaniya (product code: 14162)
The colourful bouquet of irises, roses, chrysanthemums
566.00 грн
Edita (product code: 13116)
15 marvelous bright multicolored tulips with decoration
785.00 грн
Kordelia (product code: 13046)
A delicate bouquet of 15 blue irises with decoration
666.00 грн

Catalog of goods

Use directory and filters in the left column of the store to pick up goods. You can send a cake or a toy with a bouquet of flowers . A postcard to order is free.

The delivery in your city

First, you should to choose a city of delivery on top of the store - so you can view the available products and prices in the city in which you want to send flowers.

Easy payment

You can pay for your order online by cards VISA or MasterCard, or by other means. Flowers can be delivered within a few hours after the payment.


Gallery delivered orders

We opened the gallery of delivered orders and collect real photos of bouquets delivered. You can look at the real work report of our florists. The gallery updated every week.

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