A soft toy will be a an excellent addition to the beautiful flowers. Any plush surprise in this category will bring joy and a happy mood to the recipient. Toys can be ordered only as an addition to a bouquet or a flower arrangement. - Flowers must be a part of the order.

White bear with a red bow 
The white teddy Bear is the perfect addition to flowers
439.00 грн
Red bear with brown bow 
Red-haired plush friend for a good mood
439.00 грн
Bright cream bear 120 cm 
The lovely bright cream bear will be a good surprise
2105.00 грн
White bear with check bow 120 сm 
Everyone will be glad to have a big, funny white bear
2105.00 грн
Big white bear 100 сm 
The white polar bear will be a big teddy friend for you
1754.00 грн
Monkey with scarf 
The funny monkey with scarf will adorn any holiday
351.00 грн
Bear with claret bow 
The bear with claret bow is looking for new friends
509.00 грн
White hare 
The white hare will be a nice addition to the present
439.00 грн
Red dog 
The cute red dog will be a good defender and friend
526.00 грн
Spotted cat 
This fluffy cat will become an unforgettable present
702.00 грн
White dog 
This white dog will help you with search of a good mood
439.00 грн
Red terrier 
A small red terrier will not let his mistress get bored
439.00 грн
Grey elephant 
Funny gray elephant will relive your tedium and sadness
561.00 грн
Pink elephant 
This pink elephant will be a good friend for a dreamer
439.00 грн
Yellow parrot 
This yellow parrot brings joy, happiness to your home
526.00 грн
Red parrot 
An exotic toy will be a perfect addition to the flowers
526.00 грн
Snow-white hare 
Everyone will be glad to get a snow-white fluffy hare
439.00 грн
The fluffy grey wolf is an expert in congratulations
439.00 грн
The teddy beast is always watching for a good mood
3509.00 грн
Big leopard 
The bigger is the leopard, the more joy and fun
1579.00 грн
Little white bear 
Little fluffy bear is a soft cloud within your grasp
509.00 грн