Do you want to surprise your beloved? Order a customized toy as an addition to flowers! There are a lot of multicolored bears and pandas in this category. It takes 2-7 days to make a necessary toy, the term depends on the type of a toy and delivery place. Toys can be ordered only as an addition to a bouquet or a flower arrangement. - Flowers must be a part of the order.

White bear 100 cm 
The fluffy gift that will touch everyone's feelings
952.00 грн
Panda 200 cm 
The giant panda is the best gift for your girlfriend
2097.00 грн
Cream bear 160 cm 
The teddy bear - a nice addition to the flowers
1484.00 грн
Caramel bear 200 cm 
The larger teddy bear brings more smiles and joy
2048.00 грн
Bear Cell pink 130 cm 
The original pink teddy bear with stylish cells
1290.00 грн
Tommy brown bear 100 cm 
Tiny Tommy is looking for a house and wants to love
1000.00 грн
Grisha bear cream 100 cm 
Тhe cream teddy bear is the ideal fluffy friend
1000.00 грн
Bear Cell chocolate 130 cm 
Gift your dear person the funny chocolate mood
1290.00 грн
Tommy light brown bear 150 cm 
This bear is able to express your warmest feelings
1484.00 грн
Chocolate bear 180 cm 
The big teddy bear is a nice gift for any occasion
1823.00 грн
Brown bear 200 cm 
The big teddy bear is the conqueror of female hearts
2048.00 грн
Tommy chocolate bear 100 cm 
The teddy bear, which will be appreciated and loved
1000.00 грн
Tommy gray bear 100 cm 
The little furry friend always brings joy and smile
1000.00 грн
Brown bear 100 cm 
The cute and lovely baby bear is specially for you
952.00 грн
Grisha bear gray 250 cm 
The larger teddy bear, the more funny smiles and joy
4274.00 грн
Grisha bear light brown 140 cm 
140 cm not only fur but also an excellent mood
1395.00 грн
Bear Cell light brown 130 cm 
The bear 130 cm with a scarf and stylish cell elements
1290.00 грн
White bear 180 cm 
This big bear is able to express your great feelings
1823.00 грн
Tommy pink bear 200 cm 
The pink bear is a good gift for the romantic girl
2210.00 грн
Brown bear 140 cm 
Soft and fluffy teddy bear with decorative bow
1290.00 грн
Caramel bear 180 cm 
This huge Caramel Bear has incredibly facile nature
1823.00 грн