You can add a toy to your flowers composition. Just click "buy" to order delivery. To get the detailed information about the toy just click on it. Please note that the length determined in a sitting position of the toy. Toys can only be ordered in addition to the flower arrangement - flowers must be a part of the order.

White Tommy bear 
The fluffy gift that will touch everyone's feelings
976.00 грн
Big panda 
The giant panda is the best gift for your girlfriend
1416.00 грн
Grisha bear brown 
The teddy brown Bear is a nice gift for any girl
976.00 грн
Bear Cell pink 130 cm 
The original pink teddy bear with stylish cells
1719.00 грн
Grisha bear cream 
Teddy bear Grisha will give joy and good mood
976.00 грн
Bear Cell blue 130 cm 
The fluffy sky-blue cloud right here, within your grasp
1719.00 грн
Bear Cell chocolate 130 cm 
Gift your dear person the funny chocolate mood
1719.00 грн
Bear Cell light brown 130 cm 
The bear 130 cm with a scarf and stylish cell elements
1719.00 грн
Grisha bear gray 
Fluffy and faithful companion for a child and an adult
976.00 грн
Bear Cell white 130 cm 
Charming teddy bear for a warm, strong embrace
1719.00 грн
Grisha bear pink 
The pink bear is able to express your tender feelings
976.00 грн
Cream Tommi bear 
The teddy bear - a nice addition to the flowers
976.00 грн
Grisha bear light brown 
A bright furry present makes your everyday life joyful
976.00 грн
Grisha bear chocolate 
The excellent present for a fun and active girl
976.00 грн
Bear Cell gray130 cm 
A grey teddy bear will make your girl smile for sure
1719.00 грн
White Teddy bear 
The fluffy gift that will touch everyone's feelings
1010.00 грн
Snow-white hare 
Everyone will be glad to get a snow-white fluffy hare
439.00 грн
Tommy cream bear 130 cm 
A cute cream bear will make your home more comfortable
1719.00 грн
White hare 
The white hare will be a nice addition to the present
439.00 грн
White bear with check bow 120 сm 
Everyone will be glad to have a big, funny white bear
1935.00 грн
Big white bear 100 сm 
The white polar bear will be a big teddy friend for you
1613.00 грн