Together with flowers you can also send sweets which you see below. Sweets can only be ordered in addition to the flower arrangement - flowers must be part of the order.

Merci assorted 
Assorted, individually wrapped delicate chocolates
246.00 грн
Merci assorted almond chocolates 
Assorted, single-packed crispy almond chocolates
246.00 грн
Millennium Gold Series 
The classical taste of chocolate, hazel and praline
128.00 грн
Old collection 
The high quality chocolate Old collection with almond
121.00 грн
The unique combination of hazelnut, nougat and caramel
193.00 грн
Milka strawberries 
Milk chocolate with a stuff "Strawberries and cream"
44.00 грн
Best seller of 2019
150 grams of continuous pleasure and good mood
193.00 грн
Max Fun 
Delicate milk chocolate is an idol of the public
77.00 грн
Best seller of 2019
Raffaello Т24 
24 candies with a delicate cream, almonds, coconut chip
307.00 грн
Milk chocolate with crushed hazelnuts and raisins
44.00 грн
Best seller of 2019
Ferrero Rocher Т16 
16 elegant crispy candies with nuts and milk chocolate
298.00 грн
Kiev Vechernij 176 g 
Praline with crushed and whole nut in chocolate glaze
184.00 грн
Assortment Romantic 
144 grams of milk chocolate, rice balls, vannilla, nuts
149.00 грн
Ferrero Prestige Т23 
Collection of 23 different chocolates in a gift box
614.00 грн
Ferrero Collection Т16 
Ferrero Collection of 15 candies in a gift box
421.00 грн
The sweet compliment in a box heart with Rafaello
291.00 грн
Assortment Classic 
Four kinds of candies in black chocolate
149.00 грн
Lyubimov basket 
The stylish and romantic collection of chocolate
193.00 грн
Top 24
Lyubimov Serdtse 125 g 
15 milk chocolate hearts in a romantic gift box
96.00 грн
The lovely gift basket with teddy bear and candies
1015.00 грн
Kiev cake 1 kg 
The famous cake with balloons shortcakes and cream
526.00 грн