Send flowers to Mykolaiv

To view all the bouquets, compositions and gifts, use the website's catalog. Flowers are delivered to Mykolaiv within a few hours, however, we ask you to order flowers in advance. Delivery of flowers and gifts within the city is free.

The nearest time for delivery today from 20:30
Shipping cost to Mykolaiv: 45.00 грн
The convenient payment options: Visa, MasterCard and others
For more information about delivery, payment, work schedule, you can see in the main menu of the web-site. All the information posted on the site is relevant and has always supported this. Thank you to us and we wish you good shopping.
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Add to favorites items that you like and then collected from the product list, select the ones that appeal most.
SMS messages
We have free sms message on order status change. Place an order and wait for SMS sending.
We can fulfill your order quickly, but the more time we have to prepare, the better we can prepare.
Customers about us
Дякую за вчасно і якісно виконане замовлення! Буду користуватися вашими послугами ще, і раджу всім!
10.09.2018, Брошнів-Осада, Івано-Франківська обл.
Огромнейшее спасибо за доставку заказа и помочь в разборе этой эпопеи. Наверное было б попроще если я воспользовался совета консультанта...
02.10.2018, Виктор, Киев
Дуже задоволена букетом і сервісом взагалі, дякую
06.10.2018, Лариса, м.Нікополь Дніпропетповської області

Use FF service to send flowers to Mykolaiv and You will get more than You expect. For additional information please ask our manager or use the informational column on the left side of our website.