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The Policy of refunds

This retund policy is an integral part of Public Agreement.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumers' Rights and Art. 707 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the flowers cann't be exchanged or returned:

- Because the flowers are perishable goods, it's obvious that maintain or presentation properties is only possible under special conditions;
- Children's soft toys, food (candy, fruit, cakes) cann't be exchanged or refunded in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the 19th of March, 1994 № 172.

Despite the fact that virtually all of the supplied products aren't able returned or exchanged according to the current legislation of Ukraine - refunds, exchanges and devilery again FF.UA does on its own initiative, reserving the right to refuse a refund or exchange.

1. A Complaint to the order can be taken into consideration if it's filed within one day (24 hours) from the date of the delivery.

2. Procedure of our’s interaction with the Customer in case of complaint:

2.1. The customer registers a complaint on this page or send it to the email Anonymous complaints, with the wrong order number(or without), contain profanity and offensive language aren't considered.

2.2. FF.UA shall notify the Client of the receipt of the complaint within one day (24 hours), and then perform an internal investigation into the situation in a period of not more than 10 working days from receipt of the complaint. After investigation, we give the Customer a reasoned answer to his complaint.

2.3. Complaints about the quality and freshness have to necessarily contain pictures. Images sent in a day later (24 hours) from the date of execution of the order isn't considered.

2.4. The consideration of the complaint may be suspended because of the profanity, the lack of response from the Customer within 10 days, the lack of or the provision of the photos aren't on time (if the photo are necessary for examine the complaint).

3. Reasons for retund:

3.1. The order was not delivered on time:

3.1.1. If the actual delivery time is beyond 60 minutes specified by Customer - the Customer is entitled to demand a compensation of 25% of the order.

3.1.2. If the actual delivery time is beyond 2 hours and more specified by Customer - the Customer is entitled to demand compensation of 100% of the order. FF.UA does not guarantee the exact time of delivery if the option “call the receiver before delivery” is activated. The time, indicated by the receiver is a priority.

3.1.4. The provisions of paragraphs on compensation do not cover the cases of Recipient's absence on specified by Customer time or Recipient changes time of delivery or refuses to receive the order.

3.1.5. FF.UA does not guarantee as well as declines the responsibility for the delivery time in high season (International Women Day, St. Valentine’s Day, 7-9 March and 13-15 February respectively) - these days all the deliveries are being made within the whole day.

3.2. Poor quality of products or lack of the components of the order:

3.2.1. If at the time of delivery of the order recipient, the flowers weren't fresh (quality policy) - The customer has the right to substitute a flower arrangement delivered*. The complaint must be accompanied by photographs (see p. 2.3), which may determine the state of flowers the day of receipt of the order.

3.2.2. If any other component, except for flowers, is poor-quality, it can be replaced for free.

3.2.3. In the absence of any component in the order we deliver the missing component to the recipient free of charge. This paragraph doesn't apply to free services** of FF.UA.

3.2.4. Flowers compositions replaced in accordance with the policy of replacement are considered to be composed and fulfilled in a proper way.

3.3. Service default.

3.3.1. FF.UA does not guarantee to make a picture of Recipient with flowers at the moment of delivery. An order is considered to be fulfilled correctly and completely even if the picture was not made (or picture is of poor quality) despite it was requested by Customer.

3.3.2. FF.UA does not guarantee the delivery of email messages and sms. Reasons of no sms delivery: operator’s refusal of receiving the message, Customer’s mobile phone memory is full, invalid phone number written in order form, etc. Reasons of no email messages delivery: Customer’s mailbox is full, invalid email address of the Customer, email filters, etc.

4. Procedure of refund.

4.1. Refund is being made in the nearest business days after the decision made to refund.

4.2. If the refund is being made as a refund on debit or credit card (automatic payments on the web-site, using the acquiring systems), money can be received within 30 days since the moment of refund (paragraph 4.1.).

4.3. If FF.UA has made the refund using incorrect but given by Customer billing information - such a refund is considered to be made correctly provided the proving facts or documents.

5. Both parties exempt from commitments of this Agreement in case of unpredictable circumstances.

*- since we cann't control the conditions of storage of flowers after their ceremony - a complaint on quality can only be taken during the day from the time of order execution.
​**- for example, the note cann't be exchanged or deliver again, even if the courier for any reasons didn't present it. ​