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Terms of gift certificates

The rules on the use of gift certificate are shown below.

1. The gift certificate is a document confirming the fact of the advance payment. It is provided to the customer as a unique code that must be activated on the FF.UA web-site in a cart.

2. According to this certificate the customer has a right to buy the goods and services from the given assortment thet equivalent in value to the certificate sum under conditions of FF.UA.

3. If you buy the gift certificate, it means you will conclude a preliminary agreement (a written or oral) between the FF.UA and the holder of certificate. During the validity period of the certificate you shall conclude the agreement for the provision of services and supply of goods from the assortment and by the cost represented on the FF.UA web-site.

4.The holder of the gift certificate can simultaneously use the several certificates to pay for the companies services.

5. The validity period of the gift certificate is 12 months from the date of its award. IF the gift certificate has not been used during a specified period the money is not returned.

6. The gift certificate is not a personalized one. The right to use it belongs to the bearer.

7. If the cost of goods is higher than the value of the gift certificate, the holder of this sertificate shall pay the difference additionally.

8.If the cost of goods is lower than the value of the gift certificate, the difference will be saved on the certificate balance and it can be used for the next shopping.

9.The gift certificate cannot be returned or exchanged for money.

10.When you pay for the goods with the gift certificate, you conclude a public agreement for the supply of goods, represented on the FF.UA web site. (This agreement is on the FF.UA web-site, in a section "Public Agreement").

11. When the full value of the gift certificate has been used it becomes invalid.

12. If the gift certificate is lost or stolen it becomes nulled and voided, and the money will not be returned.

13. The gift certificate is not able to be used if it has been damaged or FF.UA has any doubt about its authenticity.