The bright winter - - Winter collection 2019

Time to meet the winter season again!

We are glad to inform you about our New winter collection with a lot of tidy bouquets and sparkling compositions.

The New Year decoration has become the "main treasure" of our collection. Thanks to that every bouquet will be an amazing and pleased souvenir for a long time!

  • Date of publication: 03.12.2018 р.

Exotic bouquets in Kharkiv

While the nature paints our days in gray, FF.UA keeps on delighting you with bright colors!

Do you want to feel an intense autumn flavour? Now you can order the unique Exotic bouquets with delivery in Kharkiv.

Let's paint this cold time together!

  • Date of publication: 14.11.2018 р.

The Teachers Day

Teachers are the very people explaining us how to express oneself and understand the around world.

FF.UA reminds about The teacher's day and represents the best autumn collection for greetings.

Take a chance to show your great admiration and deep respect for your teachers with our special collection of bouquets and compositions for The Day of Teacher The Teacher's Day collection.

  • Date of publication: 01.10.2018 р.

The Day of Knowledge

The end of the summer connected with the heat fall and "educational" coming.

FF.UA is preparing at full tilt, that first-graders and teachers felt myself on the "raging" celebrate of school life.

We proposed to you visited our The Day of Knowledge collection and choose the fresh, and tender flowers, emphasizing the atmosphere of heartwarming holiday - The Day of Knowledge.

  • Date of publication: 24.08.2018 р.

The Graduate Day with FF.UA

The graduate Day is coming! It is a very excitindg time for every student and pupil.

FF.UA is ready to help you prepare an excellent bouquet for this unforgettable celebration.

Since now you can look at our The Graduate Day collection on the web site and choose the most beautiful flowers and bright balloon's mix for your wonderful holiday.

  • Date of publication: 21.05.2018 р.

Women's Day Collection

A sunny spring with fresh flowers and greenery is coming!

We are glad to represent the new beautiful Women's Day collection

There are tulips, baloons, irises, roses, sweets, toys, flowers arrangements and gift sets in this unique spring collection.

We have prepared the best items for our customers to thiis special spring holiday.

  • Date of publication: 22.02.2018 р.

St Valetines Day

The FF.UA romantic season has been open!

There are a lot of tender bouquets, elegant flowers arragement, romantic gift sets in a VALENTINE’S DAYcollection.

You can find many interesting ideas for your unforgettable evening on our web-site.

Order surprise delivery right now and we will garantee a perfect St Valentine's Day for you and your beloved one!

  • Date of publication: 02.02.2018 р.

New Year and Christmas

The magic time of winter holidays is approaching and FF.UA is ready to surprise its customers!

Incredible bright bouquets, elegant compositions, amazing gift sets... All these goods have been already waiting for you on our website in The New Year and Christmas category!

Hurry up and start to order the original presents right now. Let the magic of Christmas and your attention will make these holidays unforgettable for your family and friends!

  • Date of publication: 11.12.2017 р.

The new category "Perfumery"

Golden autumn brings luxurious gifts! You have a unique opportunity to order not only the beautiful flowers, but also an elegant perfume with delivery in Kharkov! A wide range of seductive female and refreshing men's fragrances will help to choose the perfect gift for any occasion!

  • Date of publication: 02.10.2017 р.

Teachers' Day collection

Dear clients, we remined you that Teachers' Day is coming! The beautiful autumn holiday is selebrated on the first Sunday of October.

The teacher's profession combines kindness and strictness, wisdom and soulfulness. Their hard work сan be highly appreciated by the marvelous bouquet of flowers.

Special to this holiday we have prepared Teacher's Day collection and now You can easily order a necessary flowers.

Don't waste your time, with help of FF.UA service it is easy to choose and order your favourite flowers!

  • Date of publication: 25.09.2017 р.