Recommendation care flowers

Unfortunately  cut flowers aren't longevous and they can quickly tie. That the flowers maintain their appearance as long as possible, follow the general recommendations for the care of cut flowers.

1. General recommendations:

  • Before you fill the vase with water, rinse well with water, then wash thoroughly with soap or detergent.
  • It's necessary to cut the flower stems at an angle (the angle is 45 °) with a sharp knife or shears (please, don't use a pair of scissors). Trim the stems under water is recommended.
  • If after placing the flowers in a vase, the lower leaves in contact with water or immersed in it, those leaves should be cut.
  • Do the procedure every day changing the water, wash water before you collect fresh water, crop ends of the stems at an angle.
  • Don't put flowers in the space of possible drafts (sill), near the climatic equipment and heating systems, as well as near the fruit. It isn't recommended to place a vase of flowers, and in the vicinity of any appliances and devices, such as near a microwave oven, TV, wi-fi router and other.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the flowers. Keep flowers in a dark place.
  • The smoke from any source a negative impact on the flowers.

2. Recommendations for special flowers:

  • Carnation. It prefers water at room temperature.
  • Lily. Primarily remove anthers (if  they are not removed). It isn't recommended to be placed close to the fruit.
  • Cymbidium Orchid. If the composition in the flasks must be watered regularly, and change the water. Don't allow any water droplets on the flowers.
  • Irises, tulips. This flowers like cool water. You should  add ice cubes in the vase.
  • Gerber. Stem gerbera need to be immersed in water only 5-7 cm.