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Order statuses

Main statuses:
Open - automatically assigned to the just placed order in online shop.
Pending - order is checked by the operator and not paid yet. Payment is expected.
Paid - payment is received and after checking, operator confirms the order.
Confirmed - order is confirmed by operator and transferred to processing. Delivery on the specified date and time is expected.
Completed - order is delivered to Recipient.
Cancelled - assigned to the orders which were not paid or were cancelled by the Customer.

Additional statuses:

Verifying - status can be assigned:
1) automatically, when using payment method with pre-verification by payment services (PayU,;
2) manually by operator, when the payment failed and needs verification or the process of payment/fulfillment of the order should be suspended.
Failed - payment for the order failed. When failure occurs, funds can be withdrawn from Customer's account. An operator changes the status "Failed" onto "Verifying" and afterward the payment is being checked. If the funds are not withdrawn from Customer's account, the status is changed onto "Pending", if the funds are withdrawn from Customer's account, the status is changed onto "Confirmed".
Refunded - assigned to order after returning of funds (when the Customer canceled the order or company pays compensation).

Thw algorithms change order's statuses:
- an order was designed by a consultant;
- an order issued through the online store.