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About photoreport

Photoreport - it's a photo the recipient with a bouquet at the time of delivery of the order. This image makes it possible to see relatives and people close to you, they smile, emotion at the moment of delivery of a gift.

This options is enabled by default in every order. However, the courier can take a picture only if the recipient agrees.


The main conditions of this option

1. Photoreport is a service which is provided free of charge.

2. The company don't make warranties concerning the recipient with photos of flowers or gifts at the time of delivery.
In most cases, the lack of pictures is the result of failure of the recipient, at least - the different contingencies from the company (courier). Most often thr delivery of flowers is a surprise for the recipient, which can occur as the early morning and late evening, at home and at work or in any other locations (listed in order), and as a consequence - the recipient isn't ready to shoot.

3. The photo can be made with a phone or camera. It depends on the city. Pictures can be different resolution and quality.

4. Photos sent to the client in the e-mail, which is specified in the order. Normally, photo reports are provided within 24 hours of delivery of the order, however, in some cases, this process can take up to 5 days.