Send flowers to Lutsk

The flowers can be delivered to Lutsk in just three hours after placing an order. Free delivery through the city. You should use the website's catalog to choose the flower composition


The nearest time for delivery today from 15:00
Shipping cost to Lutsk: 49.00 грн
The convenient payment options: Visa, MasterCard and others
For more information about delivery, payment, work schedule, you can see in the main menu of the web-site. All the information posted on the site is relevant and has always supported this. Thank you to us and we wish you good shopping.
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Add to favorites items that you like and then collected from the product list, select the ones that appeal most.
SMS messages
We have free sms message on order status change. Place an order and wait for SMS sending.
We can fulfill your order quickly, but the more time we have to prepare, the better we can prepare.
Customers about us
Впервые воспользовалась и осталась очень довольна. Планирую в ближайшее время повторить :) Спасибо
08.03.2018, Лиза
Два раза заказывала посылки. И детям, и друзьям. Все пришло быстро, в отличном состоянии. Дети счастливы)) шоколад отличный! Спасибо за...
15.03.2018, Таня, Израиль
Два рази користувався послугою,претензій нема,всім задоволений.
16.03.2018, Віктор,Миколаїв.

Now You do not have to worry if You cannot be present at your friend’s celebration, congratulate with a holiday or just express your appreciation. It is easy to order a bouquet of flowers with the further delivery to Lutsk. Such a gift will express your sincerest feelings. Flowers send your emotions while we just do our job professionally. Use our services to make flowers delivery to Lutsk and be sure in a qualitative fulfillment of your order.