The composition Ramona

Product code: 23004
The nearest time for delivery: tomorrow from 12:00 or later [?]
Selected city of delivery: Kyiv (change)
Product's components:
- rose pink, 60 cm
7 item(s)
- spray chrysanthemum white
1 br
- orchid white
1 item(s)
- "hearth twist" powder box s
- oazis
Options: length 22 cm, width 19 cm, height 10 cm
(the permissible error in sazes of: +/-15%)

price: 806.00 грн
For: Darling, Mother, Cooleague, Friend
А оccasion: Happy Birthday, Romance
Type of product: Compositions of flowers
Сomponents: Rose, Chrysanthemum, Orchid
Color: White, Pink