Best seller of 2017
Inessa (product code: 11103)
11 red roses in the classic bouquet with decor
742.00 грн
Alevtina (product code: 11010)
The bouquet of 9 white roses in bright design
533.00 грн
Best seller of 2017
Raffaello (product code: 55201)
150 grams of continuous pleasure and good mood
137.00 грн
Top 24
Kaylee (product code: 14154)
Roses, carnations and chrysanthemums in the bouquet
460.00 грн
Dalija (product code: 11099)
The bouquet of 15 bright pink roses in the packing
902.00 грн
Sophie (product code: 14094)
The exquisite bouquet of carnations and chrysanthemums
832.00 грн
Top 24
Rada (product code: 14107)
The picturesque bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums
733.00 грн
Jasenija (product code: 11091)
9 branches of a pink spray rose in the delicate bouquet
764.00 грн
Top 24
Lyubimov Serdtse 125 g (product code: 55211)
15 milk chocolate hearts in a gift box
75.00 грн
Ines (product code: 11097)
The elegant holday bouquet of 25 cream roses
1405.00 грн
Klarisa (product code: 23028)
The cute round box with 25 elegant white roses
1739.00 грн
Oksana (product code: 14015)
The bright bouquet of chrysanthemums and carnations
631.00 грн
Best seller of 2017
Baloon heart (product code: 52002)
Balloons diameter: 25-30cm.
33.00 грн
Alisa (product code: 14019)
Rose, chrysanthemum and carnation in the nice bouquet
691.00 грн
Genevieve (product code: 14128)
The bouquet of roses, gerberas and carnations
1040.00 грн
Top 24
Ferrero Rocher Т16 (product code: 55203)
16 crispy candies with nuts and milk chocolate
257.00 грн
Aylin (product code: 11009)
A nice romantic bouquet consists of 7 pink roses
390.00 грн
Inna (product code: 11104)
The bouquet of 19 branches cream spray roses
1352.00 грн
Ada (product code: 11006)
41 red and white roses in the luxurious, racy bouquet
2436.00 грн
Maxi (product code: 11059)
The classical bouquet of 13 red roses with decoration
999.00 грн
Janika (product code: 13009)
The classical bouquet of 11 alstroemeria branches
748.00 грн