Vladislava (product code: 14040)
The bouquet of gerberas, roses and chrysanthemums
959.00 грн
Best seller of 2017
Balloons mix (product code: 52003)
Balloons diameter: 25-30cm.
35.00 грн
Tatyana (product code: 14090)
Chrysanthemums, roses and greenery in the cute bouquet
832.00 грн
Jasmin (product code: 55602)
The lovely gift basket with teddy bear and candies
1015.00 грн
Top 24
Layma (product code: 13050)
The bright bouquet of 5 branches chrysanthemum mix
307.00 грн
Karen (product code: 11040)
7 tender creamy roses with decorative greenery
449.00 грн
Zemfira (product code: 14064)
Chrysanthemums, roses and gerbera in the bright bouquet
746.00 грн
Best seller of 2017
Cailey (product code: 14154)
Roses, carnations and chrysanthemums in the bouquet
435.00 грн
Tommy cream bear 100 cm (product code: BM 1062)
A warm and sunny present for a merry and jokey mood
1000.00 грн
Clare (product code: 13097)
The bouquet of 11 tender multicolored chrysanthemums
679.00 грн
Dinara (product code: 13036)
5 branches of pink chrysanthemum in a bright design
307.00 грн
Varvara (product code: 13018)
9 branches of red and yellow chrysanthemums
545.00 грн
Phyllis (product code: 14058)
The excellent mix of multicolored rose and alstromeria
957.00 грн
Alina (product code: 14094)
The exquisite bouquet of carnations and chrysanthemums
773.00 грн
Erlin (product code: 14121)
The bright bouquet with chrysanthemums and carnations
661.00 грн
Best seller of 2017
Inessa (product code: 11103)
11 red roses in the classic bouquet with decor
630.00 грн
Aziza (product code: 13001)
The bouquet of 7 branches of white spray chrysanthemums
414.00 грн
Tamila (product code: 14129)
The bouquet of chrysanthemums , red roses and greenery
583.00 грн
Tommy chocolate bear 100 cm (product code: BM 1073)
The teddy bear, which will be appreciated and loved
1000.00 грн
Top 24
Sesil' (product code: 11094)
The bouquet of 11 tender cream roses with decor
630.00 грн
Uolli (product code: 55401)
A sweet basket of Kinder surprises and Kinder chokolate
1127.00 грн