Bouquet of flowers Zara

Product code: 11172
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Product's components:
- rose white-pink, 60 cm
9 item(s)
- decorative greenery
- floral decor
Options: height 50 cm, diameter 30 cm
(the permissible error in sazes of: +/-15%)
Possible replacement due to seasonality
Some components of this product is unavailable due to their seasonality. They will be replaced according to the replacement policy.

price: 708.00 грн
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(code: 11172)
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Ferrero Rocher Т16
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Ferrero Collection Т16
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1129.00 грн
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Fruit cake1 kg
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For: Darling, Mother, Cooleague, Friend
А оccasion: Happy Birthday, Romance
Type of product: Bouquet
Сomponents: Rose
Color: Pink